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Soviet Parade 1989
This is the parade on Moscow's Red Square devoted to the 72nd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, 7 November 1989. 1989 would be a year that forever changed our world, the effects we are still feeling today. In 1989 the Eastern Bloc nations rejected socialism and the winds of change began sweeping across Eastern Europe. Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev did not intervene with this process and began a Soviet pullout from Eastern Europe. Just two days after this parade the Berlin Wall would come down. In the USSR the Soviet economy began to stall and Gorbachev's reforms reached new heights with the democratic election of the first Soviet congress. By this time the threat of nuclear war which was so prominent at the start of the decade had all but vanished. Taking the salute is Soviet Defense Minister, General of the Army Dmitriy Yazov. Commanding the parade is commander of the Moscow Military District, Colonel General Nikolai Kalinin. Music performed by the Combined Orchestra of the Moscow Garrison conducted by Major General Nikolai Mikhailov.
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