WARNING: Must be 18+ to ENTER. This website contains VIDEOs of DEATH, GORE, and other content of GRAPHIC NATURE! -NSFW- -NSFL-


What is Freedom Safe Space

Freedom Safe Space is a youtube alternative that does not censor content, with few exceptions (See below)

What are the rules?

Must me 18+ to visit website. No uploads with child or animal torture. No terrorism videos. No propaganda videos. No pornography. Don't upload videos that don't belong to you.

I'm offended, can you take down this video?

This place is not for you, please navigate to a different website.

I am being harassed by a user on this site.

Block the user or stop coming to this website.

Someone uploaded my copyright content

Please email freedomsafespace@gmail.com with content and we will remove it. Sorry for inconvenience, we are doing our best.

How can I advertise on this website?

Email freedomsafespace@gmail.com