WARNING: Must be 18+ to ENTER. This website contains VIDEOs of DEATH, GORE, and other content of GRAPHIC NATURE! -NSFW- -NSFL-


What is Freedom Safe Space

Freedom Safe Space is a youtube alternative that does not censor content, with few exceptions (See below)

What are the rules?

-Must me 18+ to visit website.

-No uploads with child or animal torture.

-No terrorism videos.

-No propaganda videos.

-No pornography.

-Don't upload videos that don't belong to you.

I uploaded a video, where is it?

Uploaded videos are approved twice a day. If video is rejected, you will get a message.

I'm offended, can you take down this video?

This place is not for you, please navigate to a different website.

I am being harassed by a user on this site.

Block the user or stop coming to this website.

Someone uploaded my copyright content

See DMCA tab or please email freedomsafespace@gmail.com with content and we will remove it.

How can I advertise on this website?

Email freedomsafespace@gmail.com